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Main Air travel Special cases of transportation

Special cases of transportation

These include transportation of the following categories of passengers:

- visually impaired (blind);

- hearing-impaired (deaf);

- mobility-impaired, including people transported in the horizontal position or on wheelchairs;

- with cardiac activity stimulators;

- with internal diseases;

- with other kinds of diseases;

- women on the late stage of pregnancy (over 8 months);

- healthy newborn babies born prematurely during the first 7 days after their birth.

These kinds of transportation are coordinated with the carrier beforehand.

The carrier may unilaterally terminate the air transportation agreement with the disabled or ill passenger if the aircraft passenger’s health condition requires special air transportation conditions or if it threatens the security of the passenger or other people according to the medical documents, or in the same way if it causes disorder and unremovable discomfort for other people.

The carrier may refuse transportation (both initial and subsequent), annul the booking or remove the passenger from the aircraft because of their health condition in case:

- the passenger’s behaviour, situation, mental or physical state – according to the carrier’s evaluation – does not allow to give help in case of evacuation from the aircraft (for instance, people on stretchers or in the incubator, or with a serious malfunction of hearing or seeing), except for the cases when they are accompanied with attendants who take responsibility for them on getting in and out of the aircraft during an emergency evacuation;

- the passenger may be the source of infection and in case of some diseases may cause discomfort to other passengers;

- their transportation may cause danger or risk for themselves, other passengers and their property despite all the special safety measures taken;

- they cannot use the standard chair in sitting/recumbent position – for instance the passengers transported on stretchers – in the desired service class. If the carrier’s rules allow, an alternative placement may be arranged.

In order to provide safety, technical or operational requirements the carrier may limit the number and categories of disabled passengers on any of its flights even if their placement meets the special requirements including the qualified service.

If a passenger travels with special sanitary conditions on domestic airlines, the organization acting as the air transportation booking and sales agent or as the carrier when selling the flight tickets should specify the special individual service required by the passenger in writing on “Air transportation with special sanitary conditions” form.

At the same time the airport is informed of the presence of such disabled passengers on the flight and the conditions of their transportation.

The disabled passenger whose transportation is executed with “Air transportation with special sanitary conditions” form or his/her attendant during the ticket purchase should be warned if they should arrive at the departure airport beforehand to visit the airport medical station.

Child transportation

Different air companies may have their own rules for transportation of unattended children.
Unattended children are allowed transportation in case they have the air ticket with the confirmed status and advance consent of the career; we ask to inform the air company beforehand in order to avoid misunderstanding during such passengers’ check-in for flight. Our workers will be pleased to describe you the rules of air companies and explain which documents should be submitted by parents or legal guardians.

Group transportation

Many air companies have well-developed and successfully functioning programs for group transportation.
Group transportation should be booked for the same flights of the airlines with the same dates on the whole flight route there and back. One-way transportation of passengers cannot be considered as group transportation.

Animal and bird transportation

Animal and bird transportation both in aircraft cabin and in baggage compartment should also be coordinated with the carrier air company. Some breeds of animals may be prohibited entrance to certain countries due to medical-quarantine regulations.


Transportation of musical instruments, sports equipment and other services also depend on the rules of the carrier air company and should be coordinated beforehand.

Heyvanların və quşların daşınması

Həm hava gəmisinin salonunda, həm də yük bölməsində heyvanların və quşların daşınması da, Aviaşirkət ilə razılaşdırılmalıdır. Bəzi ölkələrin tibbi-karantin tələblərinə görə, bəzi cinslərdən olan heyvanların ölkəyə daxil olması qadağan oluna bilər.


Musiqi alətlərinin daşınması, idman avadanlığının daşınması və digər xidmətlər də, həmçinin, daşıyıcı Aviaşirkətin qaydalarından asılıdır və əvvəlcədən razılaşdırılmalıdır. 

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